The importance of SEO in 2021

The term SEO is thrown around a lot, but in 2021 with the continued growth of social media how important is SEO? Should your marketing strategy still place emphasis and invest in your web presence and SEO?

Recent data collected by leading social media management platform Hootsuite Digital 2021 Report, brings interesting digital insights from the past 12 months, specifically around how people research brands and products.

From the data collected we can see that search engines still dominate, with a massive 98% of respondents saying that they use a search engine for research.

However, search behaviours are changing, and in addition to 98% of people using search engines, there is an overlap where around 45% of people are also using social networks as channel to research brands.

So what does this mean? This means to achieve maximum impact and market reach, your marketing communications strategy should place equal importance on SEO for your web and social media presence.

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